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Keep your documents safe in one place.

Easily upload, organise and share important documents. We use AES 256-bit encryption to give you complete personal data protection so that no one in the world other than you can access them.

Shield Simplified Document Management

Shield Decentralised Storage

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Organise and store your physical cards.

Cove acts as your personal digital document wallet and scans and stores all your physical cards in a digital form. In addition, it helps you to better organise them with colour-coded pockets and AI-based Smart OCR Tagging.

Shield Organise Your Digital Cards

Shield Simple and Useful Gestures

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Simple and protected chatting.

As social beings, communication is the most important part of our identity. Cove is one of the most secure and simple chatting apps, backed by end-to-end encryption. Communicate without any insecurity.

Shield One on One and Group Chats

Shield Protected by E2EE

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Robust security with 2-factor authentication.

Improve your online security through our superior 2-factor authentication. It is straightforward and works by adding another step to the login and verification process, making it difficult for hackers to access your sensitive information.

Shield Stronger Online Security

Shield Time and Counter-Based OTP

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Instantly share files from your phone to your browser.

Transfer photos, documents, texts, and 2FA OTPs from your phone to your computer in seconds, all protected with military-grade encryption. It’s like an encrypted USB flash drive, only better.

Shield Hassle-free Sharing

Shield Military-grade Encryption

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Get complete control over your digital identity.

Cove makes it easier to be ‘you’ online. It is a one-stop solution to manage your online identity needs. Download the app to experience the power of a safe web, and explore new use cases every day.

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