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Secure Encrypted Chats so that no one can see or listen.

Cove provides the strongest security for users looking to protect their conversations and document sharing. All the chats are end to end encrypted so that you can share messages and documents with peace of mind. Just scan the Cove QR to chat, without even exposing your mobile number.

Cove Chat is the fun, new way to talk.

Communicate with your friends and family in a whole new way. Send disappearing messages, share photos, and more using our interactive stickers and emoji-filled keyboard.

Get together with Groups

Get together with Cove Groups

Group chats are the best way to stay in touch with people you care about. With Cove Chats you can get involved in important discussions, plan a birthday party, or share pictures of your cat all end to end encrypted.

Drop Photos, Documents Texts and 2FA OTP from your mobile to browser in seconds. All protected with military grade encryption.

Get complete control over your Digital Identity with Cove.

Cove is your easy and secure data sharing app. Download now to experience the power of a safe web, and explore new use cases every day.

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