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Data Sharing 2.0

Seamlessly connects with the Cove Drop extension.

A quick scan connects our app with the Cove Drop Chrome extension, which becomes a bridge for all the data sharing. Phone to PC or PC to phone, all transfers done in seconds.

Instantly drop anything from your clipboard.

Once connected with the extension, you can copy anything in your clipboard and send it to your browser. It’s like having a clipboard in your browser, ready to hold anything you want.

2 seconds is what it takes to

Drop files, texts and 2FA OTPs.

Trying to fill an application on your laptop, but the required documents are on your mobile? No worries, now you can instantly drop them into your browser. It’s like an encrypted USB flash drive. Only better.

Improve your online security through our superior 2-factor authentication. It's super easy and works by adding a second step to your login process, making it more difficult for hackers to access your sensitive information.

Get complete control over your Digital Identity with Cove.

Cove is your easy and secure data sharing app. Download now to experience the power of a safe web, and explore new use cases every day.

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