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Q.1. What is Cove Identity?
Cove Identity is a mobile app, which enables its users to scan, digitize all their important documents and information and share them securely with anyone. Cove Identity stores your vital information in an encrypted vault, which means your information is not vulnerable to 3rd party. It also allows you to verify the validity of your and other’s documentation on blockchain.
Cove Identity gives you complete ownership of your data, it’s a digi-locker where freedom is the key.
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Q.2. Is Cove different from Cove Identity? What are shells?
Cove identity is the name of the mobile app which is an entity of the holding company called ‘Hashcove limited’. Only ‘Cove’ is short for Cove Identity. Whereas shells are cryptocoin for Cove Identity.
Q.3. How do I get started?
Cove Identity is available on major mobile platforms including Android and iOS for download. After downloading the app, you can sign-up and create your account and start exploring the app.
Q.4. How much storage will I get when I sign-up?
To begin with, you shall be given ~300 mb storage space for storing your important documents.
Q.5. How secure is my data?
Cove Identity uses end-to-end encryption algorithm for securing your data. For data storage and sharing, we use the public private key, as you may be using in your physical world bank locker.
Q.6. Where are you storing my data?
The data is being stored on secure cloud network in encrypted form.
Q.7. Do you have access to my data or keys?
No, of course we do not. Since the data is being stored in encrypted form, no one can access your data or your keys.
Q.8. How does validation of documents work?
Just like you get your documents validated from a Notary, validation on Cove Identity works the same way. Your peers, institutions, can all validate the data. The trust over these validations shall be built over time.
Q.9. What is the significance of Blockchain?
Blockchain in Cove Identity ensures immutability of data validations; which means once data validation has been written in the block, it can not be altered or changed by anyone. It is always tracked. Please note your data is not on the Blockchain though, only their validations are. Blockchain in Cove Identity works on the proof-of-existance concept, which means it verifies the existence of files as of a specific time via timestamping. As a result, users of Cove Identity via Blockchain can assure that the document uploaded will remain same that was uploaded prior in the blockchain. Of course, Cove Identity enables you to update the information/ document but the action will remain visible to users you have agreed to share the document with.
Q.10. Can I revoke a user’s access to my data?
Yes, select the document for which you want to revoke the access, click on menu, select details. Under file details, you will be able to see number of users with whom you have shared the document, tap on ‘x’ to revoke the access of document.
Q.11. Can a Cove Identity user search me or my data on the app?
No, we honor your privacy and hence no one will be able to see what documents you have uploaded until you provide an access to a Cove Identity user.
Q.12. Can a Cove Identity user from my contacts list see list of my data?
No, only documents for which you have given access will be visible to Cove Identity user.
Q.13. How can I invite a non Cove Identity user?
You can invite anyone to the secure world of Cove Identity. There are various option to invite a non Cove Identity user, you can invite via other apps like (Facebook, twitter, what’s app, email). You can also invite anyone by searching their name in contact list and then by clicking on ‘invite’. Be sure that no document/data will be shared with any non Cove Identity user, they will only get a link by which they will have to download the app and only then they will be able to open the shared document.
Q.14. Can I share my data with a Cove Identity user?
  1. Yes, of course. There are three options to share a document.
  2. Option.1. ‘Sharing using cove code’ you can scan the QR code of the other Cove Identity user you want to share the documents, within seconds.
  3. Option. 2. ‘Share with Cove user’ you can just type in Name and number ( with country code) of the cove user and then grant access for the document.
  4. Option.3. ‘Share via other app’ would send a link to the person with whom you wanna share the document. Link sent to Cove Identity user, would directly take the user to the document you shared. Link sent to a non Cove Identity user would first ask the person to sign-up for Cove Identity so that your document remain safe and hence only after becoming a Cove Identity user, the person will be able to view your document.
Q.15. What if I share a file using other app (like facebook, email, twitter) ?
If you choose to share file using other app (life Facebook, email, twitter), a Cove Identity user will receive a link which will redirect the user to the shared document in the app. When you share a document with non Cove Identity user then it will receive a link of the document but will only be able to open the document after it downloads the app.
Q.16. What is version history?
  1. Version History is a feature in Cove Identity where a user can update the document. If there’s a change (example change of home address) in document which is required to be reflected digitally as well, then a user can upload and update the changed document.
  2. Even though you can update the document, the older version of document will remain in the version history, you can still find the older version with its details (when uploaded, viewers, comments, validation).
Q.17. Can I change my phone number or email id?
For now, your access to the platform is linked with the phone no. and email id. Over time, we shall allow for changing it too.
Q.18. Where can I find help button and how do I submit feedback?
Click on the menu on top left corner, go to settings, and find send feedback under the help and support bar.
Q.19. What if I lose my phone and it is not password enabled?
Your private key for accessing the app is backed-up by Google cloud. So, if you lose your phone, you can still access Cove Identity app from other phone. There is also the Lock feature in the app, which lets you secure it with a PIN for extra security measure. Over time, we shall introduce extra security and lock features.
Q.20. What is the recovery mechanism?
When you sign-up, you can back up your private key with your gmail account, so that in case of change of device, you would be able to find your data as it is, it is to keep your data secured. Rest assured the data that you would store will remain encrypted. Not google not Hashcove can access it.
Q.21. Can I open Cove Identity with fingerprint scanner?
This feature shall be available in subsequent updates of the app.
Q.22. How does the access code work?
Access code enables you to share and receive documents with another Cove Identity user in seconds. To share a document, click on share, select ‘sharing using Cove code’ and just scan the code. In order to receive a document, you can find your ‘Cove code’ in the menu on top left corner.
Q.23. Would this app support a third-party attestation of documents with digital signatures?
This shall be made available upon integration with third party apps over time.
Q.24. What can I expect from Cove Identity in future?
Easier use, more convenience, and a big eco-system for private secure storing, sharing and validations of your important data.
Q.25. What if I uninstall the app, will my data remain stored and accessible to others or not? If yes, then for how many days?
You lose the access to your data. The Cove Identity users having access to your data shall continue to have that access, unless you revoke it.
You can chose to come back and re-start using the app anytime.
Q.26. What are Shells?
  1. Cove Shells are custom tokens built over Ethereum platform, used for transacting within the platform, ranging from taking extra storage, seeking extra validations, etc.
  2. The detailed working of Cove Shells shall be determined over time.
  3. We intend to credit you cove shells for creating value for the platform, and debit you cove shells for drawing value for yourself from the platform.
Q.27. Where I can find my Shells?
You can find your Cove Shells in your profile under ‘usage info’ tab.
Q.28. When my Shells will get deducted?
Every time you self-attest a document, 2 Cove Shells will get deducted from your wallet.
Q.29. How can I get more storage space?
You can buy more storage space in exchange of Cove Shells.

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