We're a squad of young creators dedicated to secure your safe space online.

Meet the Leadership

Kunal Nandwani

CEO - Cove Identity
With over 18+ years of experience in the Financial Technology industry, Kunal is the CEO of Cove Identity. He is also the Founder and CEO of uTrade Solutions which is an industry leader in providing Algo-Trading solution and serving clients worldwide.

Sarvpriye Soni

CTO - Cove Identity
An alumnus of Panjab University, Sarvpriye has experience of 10+ years in developing various FinTech and Blockchain systems. He is also a co-founder & CTO at Hashcove Limited and has previously served in multiple leadership positions at uTrade Solutions.

We're a people-first privacy company

With privacy slowly becoming a part of dinner table conversations, people have realised that day-to-day activities also need some re-thinking. When we launched Cove Identity, our purpose was precisely this.

Our core values define our work

We believe these are what make our product so enduring and well-loved.
Empathy for our user
Creativity in approach
Intuition about the product
Accountability for every step