Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 6th June, 2023

At Cove Identity, we believe in the power of security and privacy. This Privacy Policy not only demonstrates our commitment to protect your privacy but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure with us.

This Privacy Policy applies to our Services and websites, unless specified otherwise. We strive to maintain an environment of trust and security for both individuals and organisations.

  • What kind of personal data do we process?

To ensure you have the best possible experience with our app, we use the following features:

  • Camera and File Access: We request access to your camera and files to allow you to upload documents or images directly to our secure cloud storage. Rest assured, all data is encrypted on your device before it ever leaves, and is then transmitted securely to our servers.
  • Contacts: We respect your privacy and do not save any of your contacts on our servers. Any information from your contacts is processed solely within the app and is not stored on our servers.
  • Location: Cove Identity values your privacy above all, hence we do not track or locate our users.
  • Facial ID/Biometrics: For your convenience and enhanced security, our app supports biometric authentication methods.
  • Email or Phone Number: To offer you maximum privacy, we store your email or phone number used for authentication only after hashing them.
  • How Data is Collected and Treated with us

We take your privacy and the security of your data extremely seriously. All user data is encrypted on your device before being transmitted to our servers. In doing so, we ensure your data remains safe and secure at all times, even in transit. We're constantly reviewing and upgrading our security processes to keep your data protected.

  • Personal Data for pricing plans

We require your email and billing information to process payments related to pricing plans. While prioritising your data's security, we share necessary details with relevant third-party billing providers and regulatory authorities, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This is solely for facilitating payments and ensuring compliance.

  • Managed Key Facility and Seedphrase Backup  

As part of our zero-knowledge encryption storage service, we offer a managed Key facility. By opting for this service, you give us consent to handle your encryption keys in our cloud, although we cannot access them ourselves. We provide this feature to make things easier for you, but the choice to use it is entirely yours.

In addition to the Managed Key Facility, we also provide an even more secure option of a Seedphrase based key backup. This feature allows you to completely control your encryption keys. Please note, if you choose this option, it's crucial to keep your seedphrase safe. In case of loss, it would be impossible for us, or anyone else, to decrypt your data. This is an essential part of our commitment to maintaining a truly secure and private platform for our users.

  • Information we collect about you on our website

When you visit our website, we may use cookies and other information gathering technologies for a variety of purposes. These technologies help us better understand how users interact with our website and enhance your browsing experience.

  • How do we protect your data?

We employ robust technical and organisational measures to safeguard your personal data. We are committed to the principles of zero-knowledge encryption, meaning your files, encryption keys, and passwords are NEVER collected or stored by us in an unencrypted or invertible format. Our encryption processes ensure that only you and those you explicitly share your data with will be able to access your secured data.

  • Deletion and Destruction of Data

Your personal information (name, email address, and phone number) will be stored evenafter the deletion of your Cove Identity account to fulfill our legal obligations and uphold agreements. However, after your account has been terminated, Cove Identity reserves the right to keep your email address on file for up to one year for identification purposes. Rest assured, we will delete such data when the aforementioned timeframes have passed so that no one will be able to access it again.

  • Analytics Data

To continuously improve our platform, we collect analytics data. However, we maintain a strict policy of not linking this data to our users' identities. All collected data serves to enhance user experience and service quality.

  • Changes to this Policy

Just like any high-quality service, we are always striving to enhance and modify our service to ensure maximum user satisfaction. Due to the dynamic nature of technology and evolving legal regulations, we retain the right to amend or change this policy as required. We will inform you of any significant changes to this policy before they take effect. We advise you to frequently check this page for the most recent details on our privacy policies. Your continued use of our website or services implies your acceptance to be bound by such modifications to this policy. If you disagree with the terms of this policy, your sole option is to stop using our website and services.

Our commitment to your privacy and security is unwavering. By using state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms and adhering to the principles of zero-knowledge infrastructure, we ensure that you and only you have access to your secured data. Your trust in us empowers us to continue our mission of providing a secure and private platform for all users.