Document management made secure and accessible.

Don’t have time for scanning and uploading documents?

Use our smart in-built scanner that captures documents and its critical data in seconds. Else, import existing documents from Google Drive (TM) and DigiLocker (TM) directly to Cove.
256 Bit Encryption
Smart Scan

Don’t recall the name of the file, I will never be able to locate it online?

Accessibility and organisation go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. Apart from Smart Tags, search for documents based on the upload date, notes, auto-detected content and more.
Organised with Smart Tags
Smart Search

Used by more than 400K+ users

More Useful Features

Cove's range of tools make it easier for you to manage your documents and digital presence.
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Cove Storage

Keep your documents safe in one place. Easily upload, organise and share important documents.

Cove Drop

Instantly share files from your phone to your browser.Transfer photos, documents, texts, and 2FA OTPs.

Cove 2FA

Robust security with 2-factor authentication. Add Cove 2FA to your login workflows.

Cove Wallet

You'll start looking forward to all your monthly reviews