Data Organisation 2.0

Secure and private document storage.

Easily upload, organise and share important documents.

Organise your documents with Smart Tags.
Scan and upload with the built-in OCR templates.

Powerfully organise your documents by adding additional details, easily search and copy important details on the go.

Easily Import Documents from Email, Google Drive and DigiLocker.

Say Hello to, Cove Wallet

Declutter your life, one card at a time.

It’s your personal mobile wallet whenever and wherever you need it.

Easily scan and access your COVID Vaccine Certificates.
Improved organisation with colour-coded pockets.

We’re here to make your lives more convenient, so we store your digital cards in different coloured pockets.

Friendly drag and drop gestures.

Stronger security online.

Setup an extra layer of verification.

Improve your online security through our superior 2-factor authentication.

Data Security 2.0, powered by Cove Authenticator
Autofill 2FA OTPs with Cove Drop.

Connect the app with the Cove Drop Chrome extension to instantly drop 2FA OTPs from your app to your web browser.

powered by Time based OTPs

Data Sharing 2.0

Share anything from your mobile to your browser in a flash.

Think of Cove Drop as a superior encrypted USB flash drive.

Drop files, texts and 2FA OTPs.
Seamlessly connects with the Cove Drop extension.

A quick QR code scan connects our app with the Cove Drop Chrome extension, which becomes a bridge for all the data and file sharing.

Instantly share anything from your clipboard.

Chat with anyone, anywhere, without worries.

Your privacy is our priority.

Through our encryption process, we make sure that no one else on the internet can read your messages.

Encrypted chatting for a truly private experience
Share documents easily with complete access.

Use Cove Chats to securely share important documents. Use Cove's Access Management to easily manage access for your documents.

Send disappearing messages.

Secure documents on the go.