Cove is your safe space online

Store, chat and share with complete confidence that nobody but you can see your data with Cove's next generation security app



Stay safe while doing your favourite things online

Cove harnesses the power of a new generation of security technologies that work together to ensure you have the safest possible experience when performing some of your most common online tasks such as storing files, sharing files with friends, chatting and sharing your details with companies.

Next Generation Security Technology


Each user stores their data in a
unique location making centralised
hacks and data breaches a thing of the past.


The only way to access your data is with your fingerprint via your phones biometric finger print scanner, keeping your data super safe.


Distributed ledgers ensure that our document validation process is valid, allowing you to safely and easily verify your identity.


Every piece of data on Cove is stored with unbeatable end-to-end encryption. Even if someone found your data store, it would take them multiple lifetimes to decrypt it

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Here’s what you can do on Cove

Securely store and organise files

Just like your favourite file storage app only with true end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge storage (only you know what you are storing).

Safe share

Share your files encrypted and revoke access to those files any time.

Encrypted chat

Chat with a contact and enjoy complete privacy through end-to-end encryption. Only you and your contacts know what you are chatting about.

Validate and verify

Validate the existence of your stored files and use them to validate your identity.

Zero-knowledge sign up

Sign up for certain web services using Cove without sharing any of your details with that service.