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Keep your documents safe, in one place.

Easily Upload, Organise and Share documents end to end encrypted with Cove. We use AES 256 bit Encryption to give you complete personal data protection. Our secure data storage app protects and secures all your data and documents so that no one in the world other than you can access them.

Shield 256 Bit AES E2EE

Shield Decentralised Storage

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Organise and Easily Store Physical Cards into Cove Wallet.

Instantly Scan and Upload all your physical cards into one place. Cove helps you to better organise them with color-coded pockets and AI-based Smart OCR Tagging. Let Cove carry and store all your physical cards.

Shield End to End Encrypted

Shield Simple and useful gestures

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Simple, Safe and Secure Chats.

We believe Privacy is a right, not a luxury, and as a social being, communication is the most important part of our identity. So Cove Chat provides a safe chat app that is one of the most secure and simple messenger services. We make sure that no one else on the internet can read your messages or take screenshots. Communicate without any insecurity!

Shield Encrypted One on One Chats

Shield Encrypted Group Chats

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Stronger Security with Cove's 2 Factor Authentication.

With Cove Authenticator, you can add an extra layer of security through our superior web encryption to your account with 2-factor authentication. It's super easy and works by adding a second step to your login process, making it more difficult for hackers to access your sensitive information.

Shield Time Based OTP

Shield Counter Based OTP

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Instantly share files from mobile to browser with Cove Drop.

Drop photos, documents, text, and 2FA OTP from your mobile to browser in seconds. All protected with military-grade end-to-end encryption. It’s like an encrypted USB flash drive. Only better.

Shield End to End Encrypted File Sharing Chats

Shield Military Grade Encryption

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Cove is your easy and secure data sharing app. Download now to experience the power of a safe web, and explore new use cases every day.

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