Cove 2FA: Better Security and Peace of Mind

Cybersecurity is a central topic of discussion in today’s times. It’s not just about protecting oneself and one’s personal information but also about preserving the integrity of organizations and governments. For this reason, people have been adopting stronger cybersecurity systems.

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Cybersecurity is a central topic of discussion in today’s times. It’s not just about protecting oneself and one’s personal information but also about preserving the integrity of organisations and governments. For this reason, people have been adopting stronger cybersecurity systems.

As technology has evolved, so have hackers – they are now more sophisticated and well-funded than ever before. Two-factor authentication (2FA) apps add an extra layer of protection to one’s digital footprint. Cove Identity’s 2FA steps in as the perfect amalgamation of solid technology and ease of use.

The purpose behind authenticator apps

2FA is commonly implemented through OTPs received via text messages and emails. While this is quite convenient, it leaves users vulnerable to SIM hijacking and Trojans lurking on the phone. Furthermore, if the 2FA code goes in the wrong hands, it pretty much defeats the purpose of having a second step in the login process. So is there a better way to go about this? Yes, with the help of an authenticator app.

The primary purpose of authenticator apps is to make it easier for people to implement 2FA and harder for hackers to steal codes. To do so, these apps typically have OTPs that last only for a certain amount of time, after which they are rendered useless. This window is very, very limited, so that even if cybercriminals are trying to access information, they fail at carrying out the entire attack.

OTPs from Cove 2FA

How does Cove 2FA work?

Cove Identity’s primary focus is to build a privacy-centred ecosystem, replete with tools for individuals to take more control over their privacy, with the Authenticator being one of them. Cove’s 2FA is based on time-based and counter-based OTPs, which means you get your pick. However, they are all generated on the app itself to keep it simple. The OTPs last for a maximum of 30 seconds, so if the authentication process is not carried out in that time frame, the app or website will reject the login.

The process for implementing 2FA through the Cove Identity app is as follows:

  1. On the first page of the app, you will find the button labelled ‘Authenticator’ among the different available services.
  2. Next, go to the security settings for the app or website you are adding 2FA to. In most cases, they will lead you to a QR code.
  3. On the Cove app, click on the Authenticator and choose if you would like to opt for the QR code scan or a manual entry. If the service has a QR code for 2FA, Cove will immediately pick up details after the scan. However, if you wish to enter the account and security key details manually, you can do so. The key can be time-based or counter-based as per your preference.
  4. After adding all the details, the 2FA for the selected service will become available. All accounts will be available on the Authenticator page, with OTPs lasting for 30 seconds. For convenience, the OTPs can be copied with the simple press of a button and the time remaining before regeneration can be seen.
  5. Whenever you use the service and need the 2FA login, the Authenticator button on the app’s homepage will lead you to the OTPs.
  6. To add more services, the you can follow the same process.
Extra security with Cove 2FA

Creating magic with Cove 2FA and Cove Drop

It’s evident that Cove 2FA is quite useful if the app or website is in use on the phone, and you can paste the OTP in the desired fields without any hassle. But what if you are on your laptop or PC? Does that throw a spanner in the works? Fortunately, we have you covered.

The Cove Drop extension is available on Chrome and connects with the app through a simple QR code. This then acts as a bridge between your phone and computer to transfer 2FA OTPs in a flash. So, you can generate the OTP on the Cove Authenticator and ‘drop’ them to your computer for successful, hassle-free logins.

P.S. You might be happy to know that Cove Drop can also share other things like photos, videos, and files! It’s your personal virtual clipboard.

Cove 2FA and Cove Drop integration

Advantages of using Cove 2FA

  1. Simple yet powerful: Cove 2FA puts privacy at the forefront and is highly intuitive to use, making the customer journey smooth. There is no reliance on SMS on emails for codes; the app is enough in itself. Furthermore, it is built so that all tools are readily available, wherever and whenever you need them.
  2. Improved protection against attacks: With the rise of cyberattacks, especially social engineering and phishing, one needs to think about security beyond passwords. Cove 2FA fills the gap and deploys a solution that doesn’t require you to change anything else. Instead, it is just an added login step over your existing username and password for an account.
  3. Works without the internet or network connection: If you find yourself without any network or internet connection on your phone, Cove 2FA will still be providing you with the OTPs that you need. This is because Cove works as an independent authenticator app and is unrelated to the SIM in any way.
  4. One-stop for all accounts: Cove 2FA can generate codes for all of the accounts you want to secure and lists them out in one place. You can even search for an account in the search bar to save time and effort. You don’t need to rely on multiple services to implement authentication on different pulatforms.
  5. Integrations with Cove Drop: Cove 2FA works seamlessly with the Cove Drop Extension to transfer OTPs from your mobile to your computer in seconds. Again, you don’t need to venture outside the app for such services; everything is built-in and bundled together for ease of use.

Take control of your privacy

Cove Identity’s suite of privacy-focused tools will give you more control over your digital identity and online privacy. It’s time you outsmart hackers and safeguard your personal data. So what are you waiting for? Download the app from the Playstore or App Store today!

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