Data Organisation 2.0 With Cove Storage

Digital technology has transformed the way we live and work and has particularly impacted how we store our data and documents. Traditional storage methods have been replaced by digital platforms and cloud storage options.

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Digital technology has transformed the way we live and work and has particularly impacted how we store our data and documents. Traditional storage methods have been replaced by digital platforms and cloud storage options. They have been adopted by large enterprises and the common person. In fact, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has also played a role in this transformation.

While digital document storage platforms are convenient and accessible, not all of them can be deemed safe. Businesses and individuals looking to store sensitive information need to be mindful of security standards. Cybercriminals are always lurking, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Cove Identity’s app was built keeping in mind all these concerns and makes uploading, storage and sharing of digital documents as easy as it can get.

Data Organisation 2.0

The Cove Storage feature in the app allows users to upload all vital documents, from passports to certificates to licenses to bank statements. There is no bar on the category of documents or images that you want to upload. All you have to do is open the app and scan the document through the in-built scanner.

Additionally, Cove Storage makes it easier for you to import documents from other sources where you store them, such as your gallery or Google Drive. This resolves one of the biggest issues that we face, i.e., scattered documents across multiple platforms. Through Cove Identity, with the tap of a button, you can select the documents from other platforms and import them.

The next great thing about Cove Storage – organisation is as easy as uploading. AI-based smart tags on the app allow you to segregate your documents and access them whenever you need them. Additionally, the OCR technology allows you to retrieve data from documents and images in a flash. Cove does all the hard work for you!

Keep documents safe with Cove.

Superior Document Sharing

Once you have your documents uploaded, the next step is to be able to share them with others. We’ve taken this process and kicked it up a notch. We understand that access management is of utmost importance, and it should be easy to control who can see your documents.

Cove Storage allows you to share documents with other people with the click of a button. A separate tab will give you complete access management where you can check who you have shared a particular document with. The best part is that you can revoke access whenever you like, meaning that those people will no longer be able to view the document. This allows you to share data when needed and take it back once the work or transaction is completed.

Prioritising Security and Privacy

As the world is moving towards digital documentation, there is no escape from it. Sensitive documents are imperative for meaningful work to carry on as usual. Therefore, it is critical to have a platform that prioritises security and privacy. No third party should be able to access your data.

Cove Storage boasts of AES 256-bit encryption, commonly known as “military-grade encryption”, to take care of your data safety needs. In simple terms, 256-bit encryption refers to the length of the encryption key used to decrypt a file. This means that there are 2256 possible combinations to break the encryption if anyone wants to try. The number is so massive that the task is nearly impossible even for the world’s fastest and strongest computing systems, let alone for hackers.

Additionally, Cove is a zero-knowledge platform which means that the servers themselves have no right or way to know the data stored on them. All they know is that some files are present, but the content will always be accessible only to you. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Cove Storage

Key Advantages

  1. Intuitive Interface: One of the best parts of using Cove Storage is how easy it is to upload documents. There is no need to rely on other sources to scan the documents, all features are present inside the app. Additionally, importing documents from other sources is also hassle-free.
  2. Privacy First: Cove Storage is one of the multiple tools available on the app that reinforces the concept of privacy and online data safety. Therefore, end-to-end encryption lies at the heart of this feature and gives users peace of mind with regards to their data.
  3. Organised As Needed: Cove Storage’s focus is not only to make it quick to store documents but also to retrieve them when needed. Therefore, smart tags ensure proper organisation so that you never need to fret about finding your documents.
  4. Superior Controls: Being a privacy-first app means that all controls should lie with you as the owner of documents. That is why Cove Storage makes sure that you can see who all have access to your documents and when it is time to revoke it.

Take control of your privacy

Cove Identity’s suite of privacy-focused tools will give you more control over your digital identity and online privacy. It’s time you outsmart hackers and safeguard your personal data. So what are you waiting for? Download the app from the Playstore or App Store today!

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