Digital Identity Revolution with Cove Wallet

Ever imagined how the primitive caveman lived? Just looking into your wallet and the sheer amount of documents that you have to carry will make you feel like one. It’s an atrocity that in this digital age we’re still carrying around debit/credit cards, driving licenses etc.

Digital Identity

Ever imagined how the primitive caveman lived? Just looking into your wallet and the sheer amount of documents that you have to carry will make you feel like one. It’s an atrocity that in this digital age we’re still carrying around debit/credit cards, driving licenses etc.

No wonder there are so many identity-related crimes that happen because of the same. We’ve all pretty much had the experience of losing a phone. More than the commercial value it’s the frustration of reloading all the data and the loss of those precious selfies that we go through. Similarly, more than the currency in the wallet it is the loss of important documents that immediately brings up the images of government offices and officials you’ll have to deal with to get a replacement.

Losing just one card along the way and suddenly your life becomes a whole lot more difficult.

Imagine it is your first day in your new job, and you’ve forgotten your Grads certificates. Just the sheer number of documents needed is so huge it is easy to miss out on something.

Now you can access all your documents digitally! Cove Identity makes life easier and your wallet a lot lighter by allowing you to store all your cards and documents in a digitalized wallet. Download and install the app and start crushing your first day at work like a boss!

The app comes with highly advanced security features to protect you from someone else accessing them without your consent. Cove app is designed keeping in mind the security and comfort of the user. It’s an all-inclusive digitized wallet where you can not only store your plastic cards or government ID’s but also other important documents like vaccination cards, membership cards, qualification certificates etc.

Packed with additional features like an encrypted wallet, zero knowledge storage and smart OCR technology helps in getting rid of traditional plastic cards.

So, let’s dive deep into the app and understand how the Cove technology makes it better and a one-stop solution for all our Digital Identity Wallet needs.

Standout Features of the Cove Wallet App:

1. Unique Biometrics:

The biometric feature of Cove is top-notch. It’s more like unlocking your phone with a fingerprint, which is unique for every user (even identical twins have different fingerprints) but a little more secure than that, because unlike unlocking your smartphone, there is no pattern or digital code which can help you in unlocking your app.

2. Encryption at its best:

Cove protects each bit of your data using AES 256Bit End-to-End Encryption and then stores them on ultra-secure networks and file systems protected by MFA and IFPS technology. And it does not end here, to ensure maximum security, Cove uses Zero Knowledge Storage Technology. It helps in providing complete privacy to users data as neither Cove, nor any other third party can access your data.

3. Share your Information:

The sharing feature at first doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, here’s a catch, you get to share information with only those whom you really trust with your information.

Since Cove protects all your data with end-to-end encryption and transfers it over IFPS backed decentralized systems, you can share vulnerable data with other people or organizations over a completely secure line and practically no one can breach your privacy.

4. Auto-Fill Feature:

Cove not only saves your information, but also auto-fills your information, with the help of Smart OCR Technology, the app scans relevant information from the document and populates it whenever required.

For an example: Whenever you scan your Aadhar Card or Pan Card it just picks the relevant data from it, like the document number, date of birth etc., in order to provide you with a ready reference. Simply copy paste the data and share wherever you require.

Not only this, OCR Technology also helps you in decluttering your documents and stores it in relevant customized files.

5. Easy Validation:

The Cove app allows you to validate your identity using just your phone camera and valid government ID. The smart OCR Technology self populates the valid data and validates whether the user id is fake or not. In short, while sharing your data on Cove you can be rest assured that the other user id is validated and is genuine as well.

Let’s look at few of the use cases of Cove Digital Id Wallet:

1. Identity services on tap:

Across both the online and physical domains, the Cove wallet makes it quick and easy for the user to fulfil the vital task of proving their identity with secure trusted credentials.

In many use cases, what matters is a particular attribute or entitlement eg: age, address, loyalty points or membership card.

Crucially, in fulfilling such requests,Cove wallet enables the holder to share only what is necessary to verify a transaction, and nothing more.

Also, it allows you to revoke the access at any given point of time even after sharing the file.

Isn’t it amazing!!

2. Bringing Digital ID documents together:

In terms of sheer convenience and peace of mind for users, the value of bringing multiple, digitalised official ID documents together in the same place, and enabling one-click access to a new generation of eServices, should not be underestimated.

After all, studies show that we are now more likely to leave our wallet at home than our smartphone and that 90% of users have a mobile device within reach at all times.

With the arrival of the Digital ID wallet, the vast majority of people can finally ensure that vital digital documents, such as identity and healthcare credentials, driver licences, vehicle registration and polling eCards, are always kept and carried in the most secure and convenient location possible.

3. Putting data in user’s control:

In addition to a step-change in accessibility, Cove Wallet sets new standards for user privacy and control.

While it offers the potential to support any number of different credentials in a single location, each one is securely ring-fenced.

It sounds simple and it is!!

4. Building a trusted environment for Digital ID credentials:

Losing a physical wallet, or having it stolen, can be nothing short of a nightmare.In the wrong hands, ID credentials might provide everything needed to clone an identity. On top of that, cancelling and replacing multiple different physical credentials is a time-consuming and challenging task for citizens.

Contrast that with losing a Digital ID Wallet.

Even the most determined fraudster or criminal will be unable to leverage your credentials, and the ID wallet can be revoked over the air and in near real-time, making it unusable.

Besides, if the smartphone is not returned to the rightful owner, all the relevant digital credentials can be downloaded quickly and easily to a new device.

So, let’s not waste anymore time and check how you can get this amazing app on your phone.

Downloading and using the Cove app for Android and iPhone is free and easy.

Follow the steps below to get started with the app:        

Download the app: Search and download Cove from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Authenticate: Authenticate your unique fingerprint for your unique digital identity.

Sign-Up: Complete the sign-up process by creating your Cove ID and verify your identity using your government ID.

Scan Cards and Identify: The app will then scan your ID and will auto populate your card data for verification.

Good to go: Post that, you can see all your cards, documents and ids you upload.

Share with Tap: Once you have access to your IDs, you can easily share your documents with your friends and you can share the app as well!

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