Why You Should Use the Cove App to Secure Your Identity

There are endless choices in the global consumer market landscape. So how do you end up making the right decisions? How do you know what the best fit for you is? The process starts by having enough information about your needs and the options in front of you.

Cove App

There are endless choices in the global consumer market landscape. So how do you end up making the right decisions? How do you know what the best fit for you is? The process starts by having enough information about your needs and the options in front of you.

With privacy slowly becoming a part of dinner table conversations, people have realised that day-to-day activities also need some re-thinking. When we launched Cove Identity, our purpose was precisely this. We took a deep dive into basic daily activities and thought about how they could be made more secure so that you feel in control of your privacy. The result? We launched an app—a holistic privacy suite at your fingertips.

While it is heartening to see our contemporaries make consistent efforts to make the online world safer, we want to discuss the pain points we solve with Cove Identity and help you make better decisions for your privacy.

Pain point #1: I don’t have time for scanning and uploading documents

How often have we heard this! Digital documentation’s central purpose is to ensure that files are available on the go, wherever and whenever you need them. But if the biggest roadblock is uploading the documents themselves, how do we ever achieve the bigger purpose? We have a two-fold solution.

The first is our smart in-built scanner that auto-detects the document’s boundaries and ably extracts vital information from them. It doesn’t end here. Cove can also identify the kind of document it is scanning, relieving your burden of filling in all the information. So, if you open the app and scan your passport, Cove will automatically detect its boundaries and crop the image. It will pick up and safely store information like the passport number or expiration date. Most importantly, it will duly note that it was a passport being scanned, not any other document.

The second solution we have is to import documents if you have previously uploaded them on platforms like Google Drive and Digilocker. It is tedious and time-consuming to locate files scattered across platforms. So, with Cove, you get the option of importing files and storing them in one safe place. That is how we reinforce the concept of on-the-go accessibility as well because you will never need to waste time figuring out where your files are stored.

Pain point #2: If I don’t recall the name of the file, I will never be able to locate it online

Hmm, so you’re saying that you went through the entire process of scanning and uploading but still ended up in this pickle… and that too when you could least afford it? Accessibility and organisation go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. And we understand that.

One of Cove’s biggest strengths is the proper organisation of documents so that searchability is never a hassle. All documents can be stored with different Smart Tags for better identification. You can continue with the auto-suggested one or create a new label as per your need. Additionally, Cove gives you space to add descriptions and notes for reference later. This step ensures that all information about a document stays in one place.

Even for our Cove Wallet feature, you can build multiple wallets and store cards based on your preferences. You can customise the colour and name as you please.

And now, let’s come to locating a file out of the many others you saved online. Cove, of course, allows you to search by the name of the file. However, apart from that, you can also search it by the tags and any additional information or notes that you may have added. So, if you uploaded your passport, kept the auto-generated title and just had “Passport expires in July” in your notes, it will pop up while searching for “passport”.

We continue to focus our efforts on making accessibility easier. In future versions of the app, you will be able to locate files through data that forms a part of the auto-detected content through OCR and more. Truly exciting times ahead!

Pain point #3: I want to share documents, but I need to hide the sensitive data

This is a problem that many of us face on a daily basis. We constantly need to share documents with others for different reasons such as verification, application for services, etc. However, they generally need only specific information from documents. For example, Spotify has a special plan for students but requires you to submit a relevant document to verify that you are indeed a student. Now, if you were to upload your mark sheet, it would possibly contain your parents’ names, date of birth and residence. But all Spotify needs is your name on a current mark sheet to attest if you are a student.

In this case, you would either open an editing app and put a strike over that information or find it too inconvenient and share the document as it is, risking your privacy. And what if you had to do the same for ten other apps? Way too tedious a task.

At Cove, we put our thinking caps on and came up with our Blur feature that lets you conceal sensitive data in the app itself before sharing it with others. You can download the document with the blurred part for use outside the Cove app. However, if you share it with another Cove user on the app, you can unblur and blur whenever needed. There is no better way of retaining control without interrupting regular tasks. And the best part? There is no change to the original document. You can blur different parts of the document for different people without worrying about keeping a copy of the original file.

Additionally, if you feel the need to revoke a Cove user’s access to your document completely, you can do that too. Our access management tools show you who can view your documents, and when you feel the job is done, you can simply revoke their permissions.

Pain point #4: Having documents online is good but are they safe?

As mentioned earlier, privacy is at the heart of Cove’s existence, and its primary goal is to make the commoner’s digital world safer. The app is backed by AES 256-bit encryption, commonly termed military-grade encryption. Let’s break it down and show you why it is called so.

256-bit encryption refers to the length of the encryption key used to decrypt a file. In this case, there are 2256 possible combinations to break the encryption. Therefore, if someone tried to gain illegal access, they would have to run through a mind-boggling number of combinations even to come close to achieving their goal. In fact, this task is nearly impossible even for the world’s fastest and strongest computers.

The Cove Chat feature in the app is also end-to-end encrypted so that no third party can eavesdrop on your conversation. Furthermore, our general principles also promote privacy. For instance, Cove is a zero-knowledge system which means that we ourselves store none of your data, including your mobile number that you fill while logging into the app. And if we don’t keep it, there is no way someone can get it from us.

Lastly, we have plenty of features that give you control over what you store and share with others on Cove. The idea is to make you feel like you hold the reigns of your digital identity.

Ready to give Cove a chance?

There is nothing better than having new users check out our app and take the next step towards a secure world! The Cove Identity app is available on Android and Apple and hosts five primary features that give you a holistic experience.

  • Cove Storage helps you scan, upload and store all documents safely. In addition, you can add notes, additional information, Smart Tags and much more.
  • Cove Wallet assists you in decluttering your wallet by digitising your physical cards. The cards are stored in multiple digital wallets that you can customise based on your needs. From credit cards to personal identification cards, you can store anything.
  • Cove Authenticator secures your online accounts by adding another layer to the login process, called two-factor authentication (2FA). If you are unsure what this means, here’s a detailed explanation.
  • Cove Drop acts as a bridge between your mobile and your web browser. By using our Cove Drop extension on Chrome, you can literally “drop” text, images, files, and 2FA OTPs in seconds. You can treat it as your virtual clipboard that seamlessly connects your phone and desktop.
  • Cove Chat is an end-to-end encrypted messaging service where you can chat without any worries. Use your favourite emoticons, share files and images and stay connected with everyone you want to.

If you are an Apple user, click here to download the app, and if you are an Android user, click here. See you on the other side!

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