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Privacy Policy

With Cove identity, we believe it is very important to secure your privacy. We strongly believe that what yours is just yours and nobody else (including us) should have access to it, unless you want that. This is the foundation on which Cove Identity is built.

Cove Identity allows you to digitise your documents, categorise them, share them with anybody you want (who has downloaded the app), and let other validate your information for you. You are in control of your information at all times.

Team behind Cove Identity is committed to continuous improvement, so if you have any questions or feedback on this policy, please let us know by sending an email to info@coveidentity.com

When we say “Cove”, “Cove Identity”, “we” or “us”, we are referring to team behind the Cove Identity app.

Cove Identity is a product of Coveidentity Tech Private Limited.

This policy document explains how information about you is collected and used by Cove Identity.

Please note that this Policy may change from time to time, and maybe different for users residing in different jurisdictions.

What Personal Information do we collect The collected personal data typically includes your email address, name and mobile number. This information is associated with your unique identity in the app.

Please note that the files and information you upload and store using our services shall be encrypted in such a way that neither we nor any third parties can access its content and its encryption keys or files in a readable form.

This policy does not grant us any right to your files or intellectual property. You acknowledge that IP, copyrights, trademarks of Cove Identity app and related services belong to Cove Identity.

You understand that Cove Identity may transmit data across networks for secure encrypted storage.

We also collect information you provide directly to us. For example, when you subscribe to our updates, request customer support or communicate with us. We may also collect information regarding your crypto-currency addresses, email address and any other information that you choose to provide.

Objective of Storing your Data As mentioned above, we collect, store, transmit and process your personal data, such as your name, email address, phone number, we believe that it is important to share the purpose for such activities.

When you download our app and use our services, we automatically collect information on which type of device you have downloaded the app, operating system version and the device identifier.

We do not ask or track any location based information from your mobile at any time while using or downloading the app.

Please observe that by using our services you acknowledge and agree with the following objectives and purposes.

We store and process personal information for improvement and functional reasons. Functional reasons may include examples, when you send or share document to a third party, who is not a user of this app, we store contact details so that we can notify such user about your invitation or request.

When you use our app Cove Identity, we collect metadata about the files you upload, files you shared, files you validate, so that our tokens Cove Shells may be credited or debited accordingly.

Other purposes includes monitoring/log data/ review reports/ analyse accuracy/ popularity of the service/ improve the content and features of the app/ personalize the content: these are main reasons behind storage of such information.

We do not allow any third-party banner ads on Cove Identity. We have no intention to introduce them, but if we ever do, we will update this policy.

Please be aware that if you choose not to provide us with certain Personal Information like mobile number or email, we may not be able to make Services available to you.

How we Protect your Data Cove Identity has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of your data. Personal Information provided to Cove Identity is stored securely with access restricted to authorized personnel only.

How we disclose your personal information We do not sell your personal data to third parties. While we cannot access your encrypted uploaded content, you understand we may need to try and share some of your data or other information we obtain from you in following circumstances:

Disclosure on legal order Cove Identity may disclose personal data (name, email address, phone number) if the legal applicability is present, or when such action is necessary to comply with laws, such as to appear before court or similar legal process, authorities or court orders for the protection of our rights and interests, to protect your safety of others on to investigate fraud.

Sharing content by you When you share content using Cove Identity with another Cove Identity user, by the nature of sharing, some of your profile data and the content will be shared with that user. For example, when you edit a document, the other users with whom you have shared the content will see that you carried out this activity after you have uploaded it.

Address Book You provide us the phone numbers of your contacts( who may or may not be users of Cove Identity) in your mobile phone address book on a regular basis. You confirm you are authorized to provide us such numbers to allow us to provide our Services.

Social sharing Our app Cove Identity offers sharing via other app (like facebook, email, whats app and other integrated tools. Even though only the Cove Identity link shall be sent in such circumstances through which a non Cove identity user will have to download the app first, we encourage you to visit privacy policy of such entities.

Data Sync and Storage You understand and agree that in order to use our services, Cove Identity must and does store and regularly sync your data and personal information on their servers.

Deletion and Destroying of Data You understand and accept that the deletion of your Cove Identity account does not imply immediate deletion of all of your personal data (Name, email address and Phone number) stored by us. We will retain and use your personal data as necessary to comply with our legal obligation, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements. For identification purposes, Cove Identity reserves the right to store your e-mail address for ~1 year after your user account has been deleted. Same applies to the invitations you have sent out. Upon the expiry of the aforementioned deadlines, Cove Identity destroy such data in a way that those will not be available again to anyone. The time frames may vary from time to time.

Your email address may also be used for us to send you periodic updated emails from us. Out of respect for your privacy, you may choose to stop receiving these emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in these emails or you may also contact us at info@coveidentity.com. To opt out of push notifications, please edit settings at the device level.

Your Encrypted Content You can use Cove Identity to digitise your important information including your personal records, healthcare information, identity documents, etc. You understand and accept that while using our app, when you change or update your encrypted content, users with whom you have shared it, shall be able to see version history. Also, understand that after self-attestation of document, you will not able to delete such validations as they are immutable on the Blockchain.

You also understand that once shared all or any part of information with others using Cove Identity with other cove user, such content remains accessible by the person you have granted access to, but you possess the complete ownership of your document and hence can anytime revoke access from such person. Such persons may download and use the data as they may wish.

Additional information We may update or change this Privacy policy from time to time. In case of change in policy, we will let you know by appropriate means such as via email or by revising policy on this page with date. We advise you to keep checking this policy for latest update on our privacy measures.

You are entitled to enquire about the app with regard to your personal data. Furthermore, if you have questions about this policy or want to know further information or explanation about the data we store about you, please contact us by email at info@coveidentity.com.