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Data Organisation 2.0

Hassle-Free Storage. For when you need it.

Access your passports, licenses, certificates, and other important documents any time, anywhere - with the most secure and advanced digital vault powered by Cove. Cove protects each bit of your data using AES 256 bit End-to-End Encryption Technology.

Easily import documents from Google Drive and Digilocker.

Import your documents from Google Drive and Digilocker in just a few clicks. It's so easy! Just choose the file, click Upload, and you're done. Cove will automatically organise and securely store the documents for you.

AI based Smart Tags

Automatically organise your documents with Cove Smart Tags.

Cove organises, categorises, and segregates your important documents using Smart Tags. So that the whole process of organizing and retreating documents is quick and hassle-free.

Introducing Cove Wallet, a safe house for all your physical cards. Easily Upload, Organise and convert your physical cards into digital cards with Cove Wallet.

Get complete control over your Digital Identity with Cove.

Cove is your easy and secure data sharing app. Download now to experience the power of a safe web, and explore new use cases every day.

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